Conditions of Use

These conditions of sale are fully agreed between the parties with regard to purchase transactions between GUADALSISTEMA, SL and his client. Facebook Sales transactions between GUADALSISTEMA, SL (Referred to below: GUADALSISTEMA) and the customer are exclusively governed by these Terms and Conditions set out to below and as provided in the current price list for retailers of Computer professionals (called below distributors) in a complementary manner, we refer to the licensing terms from suppliers. Facebook The acceptance by the purchaser of those deliveries that are made by GUADALSISTEMA under of the General Conditions of Sale, will mean that these conditions are accepted by Buyer tacitly. Facebook The modification of any of these Terms shall be valid only when it has been recorded in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party. Facebook Facebook 2.
SUPPLIES AND SERVICES 2.1 The GUADALSISTEMA offers are without engagement, unless the offer is signed by two legal representatives authorized. Orders for the buyer, without prejudice to the preceding clause shall be construed in any case subject to these Terms and Conditions and subject to acceptance by GUADALSISTEMA, who confirm such acceptance to the purchaser in writing. Facebook 2.2 GUADALSISTEMA expressly reserves the right to make partial deliveries and to invoice them, unless indications to the contrary, made in writing. Facebook 2.3 The agreed delivery time is met if the product has been delivered to the Carrier within deadline. Facebook 2.4 The delivery of any products bought and sold, under these Terms and Conditions Sale is subject to availability GUADALSISTEMA plan. This will use its reasonable efforts to more to make deliveries on schedule, offered or confirmed. However, no responsibility will acquire for failure in meeting these dates, if it is through no fault of GUADALSISTEMA. In any case prevails as provided in paragraph 10 º. Facebook 2.5 The prices agreed between the Buyer and are conditioned to GUADALSISTEMA, delivery date, no changes occur in the foreign trade regime or parity of the Euro currency of origin, and it was so exceptional the maintenance of such prices, would have high damage to GUADALSISTEMA. Facebook Facebook 3. CANCELLATION OR POSTPONEMENT OF DELIVERY
3.1 If you cancel all or part of confirmed orders or if you agree with the postponement of GUADALSISTEMA Delivery of the goods ready for delivery, GUADALSISTEMA may require payment of compensation which value stipulated in the current price list. Facebook 3.2 The postponement of delivery must be confirmed in writing. Facebook 3.3 Once the goods have been delivered to the carrier no longer accept any cancellation or postponement. Facebook Facebook 4. RECEIPT OF GOODS AND TRANSFER OF RISK
4.1 The possession and risk of loss or damage passes to the buyer from the time of delivery occurs GUADALSISTEMA in the specified location. Facebook 4.2 Following receipt of the goods, the buyer should check that the supply is complete and not defective. If within eight days from receipt of the goods, the buyer does not utter any complaint, it received for all purposes. Facebook 4.3 When the buyer takes over the transport costs (freight collect), possession and risk of loss or Damage was considered transmitted from the time of shipment of products to the place of delivery. Facebook 4.4 Do not be deemed to transfer title to the goods until full compliance with its obligation to pay, the way it had been agreed, but compliance with Article 339 et seq. Commercial Code, while being both expressly reserved the domain for GUADALSISTEMA, in which case the buyer must insure adequate products for the benefit of GUADALSISTEMA against the risk of loss or damage while the buyer acquires no property. Facebook Facebook 5.
COMMUNICATIONS 5.1 All submissions must be in writing by mail or by E-MAIL. 5.2 In case of orders accepted verbally, by express desire of the client, no liability GUADALSISTEMA about a possible delivery error. Facebook Facebook 6. PRICES AND PAYMENT
6.1 The prices are listed in distributor price list, valid at all times. These prices do not include the following: VAT, other tax laws, packing, transportation, travel insurance, any interest payment or term. The request must include the price, if not, apply the price GUADALSISTEMA then current in the mainframe and means that the client is consistent with this price. Facebook 6.2. In special promotions of limited duration for manufacturers, not GUADALSISTEMA, special prices apply according to date of invoice, so the order does not imply acceptance of its sales under promotion, if GUADALSISTEMA fault of this turnover is not within the validity period of the promotion set by the manufacturer. " Facebook 6.3 The invoice date is the date of departure of the goods from our warehouse. Facebook 6.4 The amount of the invoices are payable by bank transfer, prepaid. There is the possibility of agreeing credit terms, provided that economic reports allow the client and Credit Department written authority of these new conditions. This shall include the interests specified in the Schedule of current prices. In case of default on the due date by the dealer, it shall indemnify to GUADALSISTEMA with default interest and bank charges included. Facebook 6.5 As against any purchaser clauses stipulating otherwise entitled to use GUADALSISTEMA payments received, first to offset existing debts and to establish whether there have already been charges and interest on delay, then GUADALSISTEMA may offset payments received, expenses first, then the interest, and finally the principal. Facebook 6.6 is excluded from the compensation or enforce a lien claims of the opposing party, not accepted by GUADALSISTEMA Facebook 7. RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP 7.1 Those products supplied for evaluation purposes and remain the property of presentation GUADALSISTEMA, forcing the client to ensure the products GUADALSISTEMA benefit against the risk of loss or damage, and forcing the customer to return the products within 15 days, running all shipping by the customer. Facebook 8.
WARRANTY GUADALSISTEMA 8.1 ensures that products are free of defects. It is also understood as the default lack of features and specifications provided by the manufacturer. The products are manufactured with the necessary care and quality. Both parties agree that, given the current state of technology, it is not possible to eliminate errors software for all conditions. Facebook 8.2 The technical data and characteristics contained in the product descriptions do not constitute a guarantee explicit, if they have not been confirmed in writing by GUADALSISTEMA. Facebook 8.3 The demands for guarantees against GUADALSISTEMA have a limitation period of six months from the date of delivery merchandise. GUADALSISTEMA transferred to the purchaser any warranty and repair commitments offered by manufacturers, without taking responsibility for it. Facebook 8.4 If during the warranty period GUADALSISTEMA receives notice of such defects, then you can choose repair or replace the product. Replaced parts become the property of GUADALSISTEMA. If not GUADALSISTEMA remedy the defects within a reasonable period, the customer is entitled to return the goods, or to require a appropriate reduction of the purchase price. In any case, the customer must show proof of purchase with the existence the warranty. Facebook 8.5 In case of repair under warranty, GUADALSISTEMA bear the costs of repair. All other costs related to the repair and secondary costs incurred by sending the loose, shall be borne customer. Facebook 8.6 The warranty will not apply if the product has been submitted by the buyer or third party, installation, maintenance, repair or misapplication or has been exposed to environmental conditions which do not correspond to installation requirements, unless the customer proves that the claimed defect is not caused by the incident. Nor will void the warranty if the marks and different techniques have been modified or eliminated. Facebook 8.7 for the return, the customer must observe the conditions of service and claim, printed in the list current prices for distributors. If verification proves the claim by default that the event does not occur warranty, the cost of verification and repair will be billed to the buyer, according to the price of existing services at that time. Facebook Facebook 9. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS
9.1 GUADALSISTEMA not responsible for the possible violation of rights or commercial protection rights intellectual property of others, they may incur marketed products. The buyer must inform GUADALSISTEMA immediately of any claim on such grounds. Facebook Facebook 10.
LIABILITY 10.1 GUADALSISTEMA will not be liable for any lost profits or damages, direct or indirect, and maximum liability is the value of the goods. Facebook Facebook 11. IMPORT AND EXPORT PERMITS
11.1 The delivery of products is subject to obtaining regulatory approvals by the administrative authorities of the country. The Purchaser shall not incur, with the products or information technique on them, in violation or infringement of the so-called "U.S. Export Administration Regulations" (Export rules for goods in U.S.) or any other legislation is applicable. Buyer has a duty to inform himself of those measures. Facebook 11.2. The customer shall be liable to the correct GUADALSISTEMA regulatory compliance of legislation Spanish or country of delivery. Facebook Facebook 12. COMPETITION AND CONDITIONS
12.1 The Buyer may not assign, convey or transfer the rights, responsibilities and obligations to under this contract. Facebook 12.2 If any provision or provisions of this Agreement is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remainder will not be affected in any way, or remain unaffected by that ground. Facebook 12.3 Acting express waiver of Judicial Jurisdiction that might apply, the parties are welcomed to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona for any dispute involving the interpretation and application of the terms this contract. Facebook Facebook 13. CONDITIONS RELATING TO THE SOFTWARE
With respect to software products supplied pursuant to General Conditions of Sale is understood and agreed that the term "purchase" or similar terms should be interpreted as "Licensing" and "Purchaser" or similar terms or the like should be interpreted as "Licensee." The ownership of the materials subject to licensing under the manufacturer, therefore, the sale of software is subject to the following conditions. Facebook 13.1 The purchaser is granted rights of use on a single computer, software products, is forbidden disassemble or decompile the products. The grant by the manufacturer of a volume licensing facilitates use the software on multiple computers. Facebook 13.2 You may only be a copy of the software, if for reasons of security and archiving. Copies made retain the same rights to the copyright of the original products. Facebook 13.3 The purchaser does not acquire title to the property of software, but on the physical environment in which the software is recorded magnetically. Facebook 13.4 The purchaser is not entitled to sublicense to third parties or sell copies or adaptations of software through any physical means, without the express permission of the manufacturer. Facebook 13.5 The supplied software does not include updates or upgrades, which can be provided so independent and have an associated cost.
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